With no next ado, let us see what Volkswagen could have been cooking

CarBuzz features discover 7 the trademarks submitted by Volkswagen across the prior few weeks in various intellectual assets practices, the majority of which were recorded in the German Patent and TradeA). Two so much more was basically submitted with Mexico’s and you will Chile’s respective counterparts, possibly demonstrating that these this new names is condemned having auto additional the newest Us industry.

Nevertheless, whatever pursue was speculation, very usually do not see your nearest VW agent requesting informative data on one among them the brand new names unless you wish to be found which have a blank appearance of dilemma.

Trademarks And Potential Motivations

Airon seems to have no clear definition, however the keyword “Ayron” was a reputation it means “slope out of energy.” Angra is more interesting because keeps numerous significance. Within the Portuguese, the expression means inlet, cove, or bay. From inside the Dated Norse, it indicates to help you grieve, vex, otherwise worry. Furthermore an excellent genus out of burrowing bugs and you will a types of fish, therefore the term from an effective Brazilian electricity metal band. I kept looking and discovered one Angra Mainyu is the title away from a damaging soul, otherwise worst, about Zoroastrian believe.

Most of these was fascinating, but we believe Volkswagen had something different in your mind when choosing the name. On middle-mid-eighties, a friends entitled Angra Industria age Comercio de Carrocerias lead good vehicles referred to as a cross anywhere between a sports vehicle and a great buggy. This utilized heavens-cooled off VW mechanicals and you will fiberglass bodywork, so possibly VW intentions to revive the vehicle for Brazil, in which the unique was created.

One other labels don’t possess quite brand new backstory, however, why don’t we run-through the meanings rapidly. Hera is a reputation out of Greek myths, specifically title of the deity accountable for matrimony, female, and marital balance. Hera is also referred to as the brand new protector of women through the childbearing, recommending it is a name to possess a household vehicle.

Tempus was Latin to possess date, but it’s and the Finnish, Swedish, and you will Italian language term to own grammatical demanding. Then there’s Tera, hence suggests a trillion. That is little special, however, “teratos” is an associated phrase that means beast, that’s fascinating just like the yet another recently tradee, Therion, was Greek to own insane animal or monster. Title is also used to explain the fresh new beast regarding the biblical guide of Revelation and also already been made use of as the title regarding a good symphonic material ring out of Sweden. Therion is even a beneficial genus off wasp and the ancient greek label into the Lupus constellation.

Exactly how VW Constantly Labels Its Cars

All these labels possess numerous definitions apart from Thron (German for throne) and Tukan (a choice spelling towards exotic avifauna called Toucan), but what hit you is the frequent link with Greek myths, binomial nomenclature, and you may stone musical groups.

The real history of your most recent VW labels is stuffed with Greek terminology and brands, but German terminology, odd portmanteaus (customer-created plus in-domestic establish) https://www.kissbrides.com/hot-greek-women/, and you can geographical landmarks also have offered because the desire usually. VW and loves to use brands determined because of the wind gusts: the fresh Tennis GTI got the original 50 % of their identity regarding the new Gulf Stream sea most recent.

It is extremely difficult in order to predict how these labels could be put (if they actually try), however, due to the fact most VW crossovers and SUVs possess brands doing with the letter T (albeit never assume all), it’s probably secure to visualize that these labels wouldn’t appear on sedans or hatchbacks.

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