Melman is also troubled regarding the Gloria dating Moto Moto, since the Melman provides privately loved their for a long time

Madagascar: Refrain 2 Africa

Because the a good cub, Alex the fresh new Lion are named Alakay and you may are the young man from Zuba, the leader lion. Even when Zuba attempts to show Alakay as a seeker, the fresh new cub is more in search of dance, that is caught by the poachers when Makunga, Zuba’s competition, pressures Zuba so you can a combat on reputation away from leader lion. Alakay is forced towards the a crate, and although Zuba attempts to conserve his young man, he or she is attempt on the ear canal and goes wrong. Brand new crate falls into water in which it drifts to The fresh York. Here, Alakay is rebranded Alex and you may taken to the fresh Main Playground Zoo where he grew up, conference Marty, Melman, and Gloria. The brand new events of first movie try then explained because of an effective selection of news flashes.

In the present day, Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, King Julien, Maurice, the fresh chimpanzees, Skipper and his other penguins panel a repaired plane on hopes of utilizing it to help you fly to Ny. Mort tries to panel the flat but Queen Julien does not want your on board and you will tresses your additional. The newest flat will take off and you can starts with a calming trip. Alex after places Mort clinging on the wing of your own airplanes and you will surf to your (ultimately causing Mort so you can trend as well as disappear the wing towards the sea). This new airplanes soon looks like freeze-landing from inside the continental Africa whether or not it runs out out-of electricity. In the Africa brand new pets was amazed to acquire a lot more of the type. Alex try reunited that have Zuba and his awesome mommy. Marty rapidly gels which have a beneficial herd off zebra just who all browse, sound, and speak exactly like your. Melman plays the position from witch dongst new pets. Gloria, looking for seeking a mate, attracts the attention out-of a soft-speaking however, shallow hippo called Moto Moto.

At the same time, this new penguins set about fixing this new flat. They carjack numerous jeeps out of The brand new Yorkers on a break under “Procedure Site visitors Pitfall”, making the new tourists stranded and you will destroyed in the forest. Providing charge of your own group was Nana, a tough old woman noted for which have beaten up Alex before he was basic mailed from Nyc in the first film, reminding all of them they are The newest Yorkers and you can survivors.

Another early morning Mort washes up on brand new shore of Africa and you may cause discover Queen Julien, chased by a starving shark.

Unfortuitously, lifetime in the Africa is not as wonderful because very first looked. Makunga, still computed when planning on taking the career regarding alpha lion, reminds Zuba one to Alex have to complete a vintage lion future-of-ages complications that he did not over. Alex, convinced that the difficulty try a-dance event (it truly is a combat) competes from the most powerful lion, Teetsie (who had been needed by Makunga) and you can will lose rapidly. To prevent being required to banish their own child to possess failing, Zuba relinquishes his identity as the Leader lion. Makunga instantly takes the positioning and banishes Alex along with his household members, much so you can Zuba’s anger from the Alex. Marty, meanwhile, starts to become disturb that all the fresh new zebras are exactly just like your, making your having absolutely nothing unique. Melman was happier as a witch de- destination which had frequently was the cause of past witch-doctor in order to die.

Gloria continues on a night out together having Moto Moto, in the a pond, and you will easily knows that the guy just likes their unique to possess their unique looks

The following day, the latest animals have been in an anxiety disorder after they discover the watering hole enjoys dried-up. Determined while making upwards to possess their prior to incapacity, Alex and you will Marty want to chance are take to by hunters and you may get off the fresh set-aside and determine exactly what possess taken place. The pair find the fresh new stuck New Yorkers, beneath the training regarding Nana, possess dammed in the river and built a prehistoric civilization. Alex is subsequently captured by the a Dominikliler kadД±n trap, causing Marty so you’re able to abandon your to look for let. At the same time, Zuba hears from Makunga exactly what Alex did and you may goes to conserve your.

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