Of around three parts of accountability, which is the extremely antique and you can extensive?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The fresh delegation in order to and you can oversight from affairs because of the businesses-authorities, profit-mainly based agencies, and nonprofits-is known as an excellent. federalism. b. social market connections. c. bureaucratic liability. d. administration from the proxy.

19. Governmental researcher John Gaus agreed which have Woodrow Wilson one breaking up government away from management might be done by enacting regulations one gave chose officials manage to compliment rules one to administrators manage simply would. https://datingranking.net/gleeden-review/ an excellent. Real b. Incorrect

20. Policymakers don’t well worth a free strings regarding command in place of even more head control over their subordinates. a. True b. Not true

21. Customers and you will decided to go with authorities request a lower level of integrity than just you to asked on the private markets to possess political appointed social directors. good. Real b. Incorrect

twenty-two. Because additional authorities companies keeps ranged countries it is sometimes complicated to help you manage a fundamental gang of elite norms you to definitely control administrative choices. an excellent. Correct b. Untrue

1. All of the pursuing the are kinds of the different procedure you to definitely separate social teams regarding personal communities But a. measures out of overall performance. b. personal analysis. C plan creation. d. marketing.

step three. Probably the most basic difference between societal and private groups, over oversight and gratification dimensions is good. public scrutiny. c. long-identity employees. d. emphasis on best for people.

cuatro. _________ highlight security, overall performance, and you will controlling because of the persuasion. a beneficial. Nonprofits b. Personal groups C Public organizations d. Brief businesses

5. Public government concerns An insurance plan creation and you can policy performance. b. plan formation, however rules execution. c. coverage performance, not policy development. d. neither policy creation neither coverage performance.

six. One of many key factors away from personal administration is the inevitably blurred range ranging from a. societal and personal groups. b. national instead of around the globe authorities. c. strength and you will inefficiency. D politics and you may management.

seven. The goal to have administrative responsibility is always to optimize ______ control in order to get rid of _______ control. an excellent. discretionary; interior b. external; internal c. internal; discretionary D inner; external

Woodrow Wilson’s look at ________ has established a long-lasting scholarly discussion

8. All the following explains improved administrative step from inside the rules development But an excellent. the latest official proficiency away from agencies employees. b. the elevated technicality away from personal policy. C. the fresh new reduced role out of legislative wedding. d. the development out-of master executive’s part as rules agenda setter.

nine. Unlike the private industry, the public sector are accountable every single of adopting the But Good international communities. b. legislators. c. process of law. d. anyone.

ten. Each of the following the makes personal organizations unlike individual groups But a good. job services. b. publicity. C efficiency procedures. d. public analysis.

11. an effective. business idea b. the difference between public and personal administration c. coverage performance and you will plan development D the fresh neutrality from public government

12. Americans started initially to demand far more of government An as World war ii. b. as Industry Conflict I. c. as lifetime of Woodrow Wilson. d. while the period of the Federalist Paperwork.

B laws out-of rules

13. Though picked authorities approve, head and offer tips to the rules, ______ trusted in order to administrators is really what converts the latest intent of the laws and regulations to your facts. a beneficial. supervision B coverage performance c. nonprofit administration d. personal scrutiny

14. Hence of your after the is too inefficient to do far off not meanwhile therefore strong you to behavior can be produced arbitrarily in place of due techniques? good. all over the world communities b. individual teams C bureaucracy d. public charities

fifteen. Government’s role inside the area is indeed pervading it absolutely was termed “new administrative county” by ______ in 1948. a. Barry Bozeman b. Woodrow Wilson c. Frank J. Goodnow D Dwight Waldo

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